What We Do


Created from the passion and determination of our founding member Natalya Yermak, the New Life for Paws Foundation's mission is to rescue as many stray, neglected, and abandoned Aruban dogs as possible while also advocating for spay/neuter programs to reduce the overwhelming amount of street dogs on the island. We provide shelter, food, and veterinary treatment for each of the rescue dogs that we save.  

New Life for Paws Foundation is a legally registered foundation on the island. Everything our small but mighty team does is on a volunteer basis – and our work is only possible due to donations made by people like you!


Adopt Me Puppy.jpg


We partner with Aruba Flight Volunteers, a chaperone service that connects Aruba rescues with new 'furever' families in the United States.


Because of this, we can find loving families to adopt our Aruba rescues and educate the local community on the responsibilities of pet ownership to provide the best care for their furry family members. All our successful rescues and adoptions are thanks to the support, dedication, hard work, and passion of our volunteers. Without them, none of our achievements would be possible.