Adopting an adult dog...

Last May our daughter got married, and she took her 3 year old dog with her when she moved out. After having lost our last dog the year before, we had decided that we were done with dogs for awhile. We didn't want the responsibility again of dealing with all they entail. We just wanted to enjoy our newly found and well deserved "alone" time!

We had always had dogs, cats, and lots of other pets since getting married in 1990. We have fostered many cats, and even though I'm not a cat person, we have 4, and have probably had at least 10 cats, not to mention ALL the cats we fostered and found homes for. So, needless to say, we were ready for a rest!

When we got married in 1990, I was sick and so we couldnt go far for a honeymoon, so when we had the chance 25 years later to go to Aruba, we took it. It was not inexpensive, but we saved up for a wonderful 2nd honeymoon. My inlaws have a time share through Marriott and lovingly gave us a week there. While I was on the Facebook page, I saw a posting for something called "Aruba Flight Volunteers". I clicked on it and wow did our lives change forever!

I had NOOOOO idea about the plight of the stray dogs in Aruba, nor did I know they were in such dire straits. Also didn't know there were so many!

Immediately, because I have rescued or adopted all my pets, I wanted to know more. I contacted an angel named Marie Geerman and because of the airline we were flying on, I wasn't able to accompany a puppy home to the US, but I could bring LOTS of supplies. We got everything to our house and brought it with us to Aruba.

When we got there, we met another angel on earth, Natalya. We gave her everything and spoke to her about what goes on. She graciously offered to drive us to our hotel, and we were just amazed by her!

We had a GREAT 2nd honeymoon, and when we got back to the states, we decided in a few years when we were ready for another dog, we would adopt one from Aruba. Well, less then a month later, I was on the FB page of Aruba Flight Volunteers and saw this puppy that needed a home.

My husband had always said when we got another dog he wanted a dark German Shepherd. Well, this puppy just screamed "TAKE ME", and I had to share with my husband! He immediately was like, "Ok, we need to take this dog." Now, while my husband has ALWAYS been patient with me with my love for animals, he never felt the same way towards our pets that I did. Don't get me wrong, he loved them and was very good to them, I was just always the one with the insane connection. BTW... he grew up with NO pets, not even a fish!!

So, I contacted Marie and she was thrilled out of her mind that we wanted to take this puppy. He was being flown the to the US and would be in NY. I havent had a puppy since I was 5 years old, but I knew what they entailed. A couple of weeks later, we had a 3 month old puppy named Kacho (means Dog in Papiemento..we are very original!). He had come from a litter of 5 puppies, but only 4 survived. His Mother had been a street dog and was about 2 years old they thought.

So, a month or two go by and all the puppies are in the US and all have been adopted. Their mother Maysha was still in Aruba. She didnt have a home.

She had a foster home, with alot of love, but that wasn't permanent. We had found out that Maysha would be arriving in the US and going to a foster home in February. So, as I'm sitting looking at her pic, I said to myself, "Maybe we should foster her as they don't have a foster home lined up yet.". While I'm thinking that, my husband texted me and said, "Call me". I immediately thought, uh oh... what did I do??

But, he said, I know I am insane, but I think we should adopt Maysha. I told him that if that was what he wanted, then ok!

So, on Superbowl Sunday, Maysha landed at JFK in NYC and became ours.

We have ALWAYS adopted young adults or adult dogs. They are the most amazing dogs to get. They are usually house broken and don't have the bad habits of puppies. Some of them do have issues, but with love and patience, every dog becomes a GREAT dog!

Maysha and Kacho are my 8th and 9th dog in my life. I can honestly say, I have never seen my husband love anything, besides our daughter, the way he loves these dogs. They have changed his life. He works sooo hard and will come home and his mood just changes. He has always hated dogs sleeping with us, or any animals, now he loves it. I go to bed after he does, and I always smile seeing Maysha right next to him on the bed. Makes getting into bed tough for me, but I adapt.

Maysha was VERY scared when we got her, but over the last 5 months, she has shown her true colors. She went from sleeping on the street and in the dirt, to a home where she is now a Princess and never has to worry about anything.

I would adopt an adult dog over a puppy ANY day!! I have brought many adult dogs from different lives into our home and never had an issue. They are so worth it! Soooo many need homes. They KNOW how lucky they are and believe it or not, they actually show you how much they appreciate you.

So, we went from having our lives to ourselves again, to having the two best dogs ever. Our Maysha and her puppy Kacho.

We still speak to the families that have the other pups, and as I write this, Maysha will be seeing one of her other kids next week.

PLEASE consider an adult dog for adoption!! Experience the love that we have... It will change you and your life forever!!

-Christina Cleary

* If you would like to ADOPT one of our adult dogs rescued from the streets of Aruba and would be willing to welcome them into your home and heart please contact us and complete and online application form

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