Meet Our Foster Wendy

Here's my story of how I got involved in rescuing Aruban Cunucu dogs . . .

I went to Aruba to celebrate my Brother's 10th Anniversary & noticed all the stray dogs. When I got back home I liked all the rescue pages including Cas Animal Foundation. Stacy Patterson had found a little starving puppy & asked Kiki to rehab him as she had to leave the island and no one else would take him. Stacy posted his pictures on Facebook around Christmas time 2013 & I kept going back to the pictures telling my husband:

I need him & he needs me!

After 2 months I finally messaged Stacy and she had asked me call Kiki... He was still in Aruba and AVAILABLE for adoption! That was it...

Deano was looking for a ride to Boston!

After he arrived my Son in Law told me that Natalya, who had lived 5 houses up from me, was now in Aruba rescuing puppies!

Well I jumped on Facebook and messaged her right away. She had Walle who she took from the kill cage & I found him a home on a farm here in the States. She couldn't find a transporter so she paid for air & flew with him. Sandy & I picked her up at Logan & she stayed with me for 10 days.

We felt like long lost friends from day one!

Then one dog at a time Natalya was working at jewelry store & rescuing sending me to find forever homes. She got so busy she had to quit her job & was so excited when she called me & told me that she had started New Life for Paws!

The rest is history! So many people joined her & started helping her, Marie Geerman, Stacy & all our wonderful fosters & transporters!

I couldn't be prouder of Natalya she is the most selfless person that I know & an inspiration to everyone she meets!

I love her & everyone involved in rescuing Aruba dogs "To the Moon"!

Wendy has now been fostering for New Life For Paws Foundation for the last year. She meets and greets the transporters when they touchdown in Boston and welcomes our Rescued Paws into her home until they can be united with their new adoptive forever family.

Here are just some of the many Aruban Cunucu Dogs she has helped to save during her journey with Team Paws.

  • Would YOU like to be a part of TEAM PAWS?

  • Do YOU have what it takes?

  • Can YOU save a life?

  • Do YOU want to become a foster?

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