Flight Volunteer Experience

We always get a million questions asking us about the process of being a Flight Volunteer.

What is involved? How much does it cost? Where will the puppy be? What happens at the airport?

Now you can read all about the experience of transporting a puppy for Aruba Flight Volunteers and New Life For Paws Foundation.

Written by Robin Lazar, a photographer from MA, who has been visiting the island of Aruba for years. Here is her story:

"I would do this again in a heartbeat!

The process is simple. Costs you nothing and really does not incur you additional time at the airport. Natalya Yermak is a saint and loves everyone of these little fur babies she brings to you at the airport. Natalya is with you until you get to immigrations. She brings you copies of all necessary paperwork and some accessories for the puppy.

You take some pictures in the garden outside of immigrations and Natalya thanks you immensely and bids farewell to the babies she has rescued and cared for. Truly a moving and sweet experience.

Once into immigrations, you pass through without issue. At the various security check points you take the puppy out of its carrier and put the carrier through the scanner. You then walk through carrying your precious little life that you are saving. You then put puppy back into the carrier and continue on. As you go through US Customs, you declare the puppy that you are transporting, (Initially I did not and had to go back and do the kiosk form again) you will be directed which line to go in.

Once you have passed through the customs agent you will be directed to the side so that a U.S. Customs agent can inspect the puppy. They checked his ears and paws and in between his little pads. The agent validated all of the health certificate information and you were cleared to continue on.

Once at the gate I had puppy in its carrier and sat him on the seat and opened the flap. People came by to see him and inquire about what I was doing. I would then share info about New Life For Paws and point them in the direction as to how they could get more info if they were interested. At one point I took puppy out and put a pee pad on the floor and gave him a little water. (he really did not want much and wanted to get back into his little carrier...so that is where he went.)

The plane flight was uneventful and puppy slept in his carrier at my feet. I did have the flap partially opened and when he would stick his little head up I would pat and comfort him and then he would go back to sleep.

Arrival at Logan was easy!

Foster mommy met us in the baggage claim area. We took some pictures and video, exchanged info so we could stay in touch. I kissed the sweet baby good bye and know that I saved his life and he will get a good and caring home here in the U.S.!"

If you would like to become a Flight Volunteer and chaperone one of our Rescued Paws from Aruba to the US, please complete an online application form and someone from our team will get back to you.

Please also check out Robin's beautiful Aruba photography collection. She has very kindly offered to donate the profits and proceeds directly to our Rescued Paws. Just click on the logo/link below to see her collection:

If you still have any questions regarding becoming a flight volunteer or would like to find out more about our cause please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

There are many ways in which you can get involved and join our pawesome TEAM PAWS.

We always need Flight Volunteers to the US from Aruba.

How about applying to become a foster family in either Aruba or the States?

Perhaps you would like to be more "hands on" and volunteer to help with the day to day rescues... Chaperoning a puppy to a vet appointment, transporting an adult dog to the vets to be spayed, feeding the puppies and dogs at our make-shift "shelter", cleaning the yard area etc.

Or if you are unable to donate your time and skills you could always help us to help them by signing up to monthly donations... Whether it be $5 a month or $25 a month, every cent truly does make a difference to our Rescued Paws.

Donations SAVE lives

Would YOU like to ADOPT Raymond or Dee Dee?...

Can you give them a new life with lots of love, attention and affection? Are you able to provide them with a safe home that they can call their own?

If you are interested in making Raymond and/or Dee Dee a permanent part of your family then please fill in an online adoption application form and someone from Team Paws will respond to you soon.

Dee Dee | Will you love me forever?

Meet Dee Dee: An Aruban Cunucu dog. Sister of Raymond. Found in San Nicolas by our Team Paws volunteer Wendy and Natalya. Approximately 11 weeks old. Female. Super sweet and friendly. Just wants to be loved.

Raymond | Will you take me home?

Meet Raymond: An Aruban Cunucu Dog. Brother of Dee Dee. Rescued from San Nicolas by our Team Paws volunteer Wendy and Natalya. Approximately 11 weeks old. Male. Good natured, sweet and playful. Would love to have a family of his own.

Apply now to adopt an Aruban Cunucu dog:


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