Happy Birthday Natalya!

Today is a very special day for Team Paws....

Natalya, the co-founder of New Life For Paws Foundation, is celebrating her birthday... And by celebrating we mean... Rescuing dogs and puppies in Aruba... Just like she does every day.

Even though it is her birthday she will not take a "day off" to relax and rest... She will soldier on and still be the Earth Angel that we all know and love.

Natalya is a superhero in our eyes. She is selfless, has a heart of gold, is kind, caring and compassionate and always puts the well-being of our Rescued Paws before herself.

Natalya is our sole rescuer. She is out there each and every day, saving the lives of the abandoned and neglected street dogs on the island.

We asked her what she wanted for her birthday... Her response, "puppy play pens".... Typical Natalya. Always putting the puppies first.

We will ALWAYS stand by you just like you ALWAYS stand by our Rescued Paws.

We LOVE you Natalya. You are an inspiration to us all.

Much love, respect and support, on this day and always.

Your Team Paws family:

Roxanna, Marie, Eunice, Stacy, Daphne, Delany, Sherry, Wendy, Kelie, Dee Dee, Christine, Rebecca, Lupe, all the Team Paws US and Aruban foster families and of course.... Last but not least... Every single puppy and dog whose life you have saved!


P.S Hope you enjoy your "surprise" at the vets in the morning...

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.


To continue supporting Natalya and New Life For Paws you can sign up for monthly donations by clicking HERE.

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