Welcome to our new blog!

We would like to welcome all our Team Paws supporters, friends and family to our new blog.

This has been designed to give everyone an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at TEAM PAWS HQ.

New Life For Paws Foundation is not even one year young and already we have grown into something bigger than we could of ever imagined.

Our team is small but it's expanding by the day... Each team member contributes something different and unique to our rescue missions and a lot of what we do is behind the scenes....

We would love to use this opportunity to share with you some of these precious, inspiring, heart-warming (sometimes heart-wrenching) stories.

Each month we will update our blog by sharing an experience with you. You will be able to read about what it means to become a foster family or foster parent for New Life For Paws, both in Aruba and the US. We will share some of our recent successful adoption stories with you and talk you through the process of chaperoning puppy as a Flight Volunteer.

Plus lots more insight in to the day-to-day rescues missions which we encounter on this island.

Our volunteers will be able to give you their perspective on what it means to them to be a TEAM PAWS member.

AND...... This leads to an invitation to YOU... Our amazing supporters and "Team Paws Family"... We would like to invite you to share YOUR experience with New Life For Paws Foundation and Aruba Flight Volunteers.

Have you adopted one of our amazing Aruban Cunucu dogs?

Did you transport a puppy to their forever home?

Have you volunteered to spend some time with us in Aruba?

Please get in touch via email at info@newlifeforpaws.org and state in the subject line "BLOG" to share your personal experience with us.

Describe your experience, adoption, foster, flight volunteer, fundraiser etc and add a few photos.

Each month we will then select a story to be featured and you could be our "Guest Blogger" for that month!

Happy Blogging from all of us at



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