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My wife & I have the privilege of spending 1/2 day with Natalya on Tuesday & Friday. As all of us who are supporting her efforts, what she is doing far surpasses what you see on this site & Aruba Flight Volunteers. First stop Tuesday morning was the construction site to pick up the 3 puppies with the acid burns. Off to the vet for their shots (5 consecutive days) while we were waiting there was a gentleman with a puppy which was bleeding from his mouth. As he had no money to pay for their services, Natalya told them to put it on her tab so the puppy would be seen. She comforted this man the entire time. When told that the puppy would ha e to stay over night to have a chance to live, they asked if she would pay for this, she replied, "what choice do I have", yes she would pay. While we waited, her boyfriend called, he was in car accident as we had torrential rain. He could not get to school to pick up her daughter. Any of us would have dropped what we were doing to go get our child. In a bind, and worried, she waited until the 3 puppies were given their shots, then off to pick up her daughter.

Yesterday was amazing. She picks us up with six, 3 day old puppies in a small cage. They have to be fed non stop & she has no help. Off to the construction site to get the 3 puppies so they can get their last shots. My wife has the new born puppies on her lap, Natalya & I holding to three the need the shots. When we get to the vet, a woman comes in crying hysterically, Natalya, goes right over to her & hugs her as her doggie had just died. Her compassion does not stop with the animals she saves. After Tim, Darien & Lauren get their last shots, we checked the account & she is over her limit. We helped get her back down, but they tab is still over $2,000. I'll come back to this. Had to drop the puppies back at the construction site.. Kate stayed to hand feed the babies and we went to get rolls of fence so she can make more pens for the construction puppies. Although the the construction worker made a nice pen on site with a roof, she wanted them closer to her. Lastly she needed more powder milk for the babies, went to 3 vets & a pet store, everyone was out of stock. While driving she is calling everyone she knows to see if they have any powder milk , no luck, but one thing for sure, she will not give up. On the way back to our hotel, she sees a doggie running down the road, she pulls over, gets out, rings the door bell of the house to get the owners to take their dog back inside. Who does this? Natalya. To say she is amazing is an understatement. Her devotion, passion & desire to make a difference is unparalleled. We all need to help her by coming together as a family to give her the support she needs with some sort of monthly contribution she can reply on getting. If 100 of us gave $25 a month (the 1st of each month) she would have $2,500 she could count on & be better able to budget her needs instead of always having to appeal to us in times of need. No one likes to always have to come begging for money. Her efforts warrant this, and will give her the energy to keep making a difference. She is truly an angel here on earth, Inhope you will consider joining us with this commitment to her by responding count us in. It will help her & Marie get an idea of how much money the can count on getting for their supporter each month!

Thanks for indulging us!

Tim Wells


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