Sample Adoption Agreement

[Rescue Name] _______________________________________ a New Life For Paws and Aruba Flight Volunteers (herein referred to “Organization”) rescued [puppy/dog/kitten/cat] _________________ (herein referred to as “Rescue)”, is being transferred to the adopting owner, _____________________________, residing at __________________________________________________________________ and herein referred to as “Adopter”, with the understanding that the Adopter is taking possession of Rescue to treat and to be responsible for Rescue as their own dog.

  1. Adopter is 25 years or older and legally permitted to enter into this agreement.

  2. Adopter is adopting Rescue for themselves and agrees not give away, sell, or trade Rescue, even as a gift to a friend or family member.  Adopter will neither abandon or take Rescue to a shelter and must notify Organization, without delay, if they can no longer care for or keep Rescue.  Adopter agrees to give Organization reasonable time to rehome or place Rescue in an approved foster home, if available.  Adopter must notify Organization of any behavioral problems that have occurred at any time before Adopter returns Rescue and Adopter agrees to pay for a professional trainer’s evaluation in case of biting or aggression.

  3. Adopter resides in dwelling that permits dogs and acknowledged this adoption will not be a violation of any existing residential agreement.  If Adopter moves to a residence that does not allow pets, Adopter agrees to surrender Rescue to Organization as agreed to above.

  4. Rescue will be treated as an Adopter’s family member with loving care and affection and Adopter agrees to do their best to ensure Rescue’s safety, health and overall well-being.

  5. Adopter will feed Rescue at least twice a day and will provide a fresh supply of water at all times.

  6. Rescue will live inside Adopter’s home and will not be isolated from the Adopter’s family.  Rescue will be walked daily on a leash or exercised in a fenced yard, which must be provided unless waived by Organization.  Rescue will never run loose or roam, be chained or tied up, kept continuously in a yard, garage, patio, balcony, or pen, or left outdoors, even in a fenced yard when no one is at home.

  7. Rescue will not be attack-trained, have his(her) ears cropped or tail docked or subject to any other physical, mental, or emotional abuse nor be used for any purpose other than companionship.

  8. Adopter will take Rescue to a licensed veterinarian when shots are due required but in no event later than one year from the last vet visit.  Adopter will provide all required and/or needed veterinary care, including: rabies shots as required every one or three years; annual booster shots and fecal checks for internal parasites (worms); and prompt treatment by a licensed veterinarian for any illness or injury.

  9. Rescue will be given heartworm preventative tablets and will be tested annually or as recommended by licensed veterinarian.  If there is any break in dispensing heartworm tablets, Adopter must retest for heartworm and restart tablets immediately.

  10. Adopter agrees to comply with the law, if applicable, regarding sterilization of Rescue.  It is the Adopter’s responsibility to find out what regulations apply in their state and/or local of residence. Violations by the Adopter of laws which pertain to timely sterilization that result in civil penalties are the sole responsibility of the Adopter and Adopter agrees to hold Organization harmless of any liabilities resulting from Adopter’s failure to comply with such laws.  

  11. If not already done, Adopter will have Rescue spayed/neutered no later than recommended by licensed veterinarian and will forward proof upon request by Organization. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the surrender of Rescue to Organization without a written finding from a licensed veterinarian that the Rescue’s health would be unduly endangered by the standard sterilization procedure.

  12. Adopter affirms that no member of their household has been convicted of an animal welfare law violation such as neglect, cruelty, abandonment etc.

  13. Adopter will ensure proper licensing of Rescue and will attach the appropriate license tags, rabies tag, and personal identification tag to a non-choke collar to be worn at all times.  Adopter will ensure compliance with all applicable local and state licensing statutes.

  14. Adopter will not use a choke-type collar at any time, except for training under the guidance of a qualified dog trainer. Organization strongly recommends Adopter take Rescue to obedience training classes as a puppy, and/or as an adult with a qualified dog trainer.  Obedience training classes help avoid temperament and behavior problem and assist Adopter with setting and enforcing rules.

  15. Adopter agrees to accept responsibility and ownership of Rescue at their own risk and Adopter releases Organization and its agents from any and all liability arising out of possession and ownership of Rescue.  Adopter agrees to assume total financial responsibility for Rescue as of the date of this contract. Organization and its agents will not be held responsible for any damages or expenses (veterinary or other) incurred during Adopter’s ownership of Rescue.

  16. In the event Rescue becomes lost or dies, Adopter will immediately notify Aruba Flight Volunteers.  Adopter will also immediately notify Organization of any change of contact information (address, phone number, or email address).

  17. Rescue’s known background and medical history have been discussed with Adopter and Adopter understands that Organization has made no representation concerning the health, condition, training, behavior, or temperament of Rescue.

  18. Adopter agrees to permit Organization to make inquiry about and enforce any of the above conditions and requirements at any time after adoption.  This can include visits to Adopter’s home and contact with veterinarian. 


Adopter understands that by voluntarily signing this agreement, Adopter is entering into a legal and binding contract with Aruba Flight Volunteers.  Breach of any term(s) of this agreement is deemed actionable by Organization.  In the event there is a violation of the agreement, Adopter agrees to pay a minimum of $1,000.00 in damages. Additionally, in order to facilitate the collection of damages for breach of contract, Adopter waives any challenge to venue and agrees that the appropriate venue for this matter is the State of New York, and the County of Putnam.  Furthermore, Adopter agrees to accept service of process by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the address provided in this adoption contract, and specifically waive any right to receive personal service.