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New Life For Paws Foundation is a legally registered foundation in Aruba Aruba Flight Volunteers is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization in the United States. As a qualified charitable organization, donations may be tax deductible, please speak to your tax advisor for further details.


Born from the passion and determination of our founding member Natalya, the mission of New Life For Paws is to rescue as many stray, neglected and abandoned dogs as possible while spaying and neutering to reduce the overpopulation of street dogs in Aruba. We provide shelter, food and veterinary treatment for each of the rescue dogs that we save.  

New Life For Paws has gained momentum and taken on a new life of it's own!

Since our humble beginnings, our team has grown, awareness has been raised, and we have joined forces with Aruba Flight Volunteers, a chaperone service to connect Aruba rescues with new "fur-ever" families in the United States.

This has opened up more possibilities and opportunities which allows us to spay and neuter rescued adult dogs to break the cycle of unwanted, abandoned dogs on the island.  We are able to find loving families to adopt our Aruba rescues and educate the local community on the responsibilities of pet ownership to provide care for their furry family members.  All our successful rescues and adoptions are due to the support, dedication, hard work and passion of our volunteers.  Without our volunteers to make such a difference, none of our achievements would be possible.

Meet the team


As a expatriated American Citizen, originally from Kazakhstan (Soviet Union), Natalya is an animal lover with a passion to help needy dogs. When she moved to Aruba several years ago, she began fostering dogs and saw the overwhelming need for rescues.  Natalya  knew, with the overwhelming amount of work, she could not do this by herself. While waiting for the right moment, Natalya fulfilled her unbridled passion by rescuing more and more dogs.  With the right connections in the United States, the generous donations from other animal lovers and the help of devoted volunteers, she has been making a difference every day since.  Natalya is seen daily on the streets feeding strays and rescuing dogs - while making multiple trips to the veterinarian and preparing puppies to be transported to their new adoptive homes in the United States.  Natalya's dream is to provide a no-kill animal shelter solution in Aruba.  She also continues advocating for a spay/neuter program on the island that will eliminate the need for the heartbreaking "kill cage" that takes the lives of thousands of unwanted animals each year.

Natalya Yermak New Life For Paws
Natalya Yermak New Life For Paws


Based in New York, Marie has been on a mission to rescue and re-home the animals of Aruba ever since she first visited the island over 30 years ago. Since then, she has founded Aruba Flight Volunteers which has gone on to achieve great success with transporting  Aruba rescues to the United States and finding their "fur-ever" families.  From finding foster families, arranging  veterinary care, organizing the logistics of transportation, finding chaperones, and coordinating delivery of donated items to Aruba - Marie is involved with the rescue missions from start to finish.  Aruba Fight Volunteers continues to work side-by-side to achieve the mission of New Life For Paws Foundation.  



Without you we would be unable to rescue these innocent animals. Your kindness and generosity make such a HUGE difference. Your continued support greatly impacts and helps us.  New Life For Paws is able to raise awareness and educate people on the suffering, neglect and abuse that these animals battle every day. We need you to know that you play a very important role in each and every successful #rescuepaws mission.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Natalya Yermak New Life For Paws

Adopt Don't Shop 

Rescue. Foster. Donate. Volunteer. Educate. 

Spay and Neuter.

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